Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Day Give Away!

Happy May Day! In honor of May Day Macon Street Studio is having a "May Day Give Away". The followers of my blog and those who like macon street studio's facebook page will be eligible for a drawing on May 8th for a complete outfit for your sasha baby or toddler. The outfit will consist of a sundress, panties, shoes and socks. So come join the fun.

If you follow this blog and also like macon street studio's facebook page you will have 2 chances to win. Pictures of the outfit to follow.


  1. I found you and I did not realize you and I are both on Gmail! I signed myself up. I need blogging tips, I will read yours and maybe I'll come up with my own decent blog!
    Martha Clausen

    1. Welcome! I don't post as often as I want. I use my blog to showcase my sewing. I started a facebook page to give almost daily tips and tricks on sewing and sasha doll restoration.

  2. I have been a follower of yours for some time now, and you are on my side bar of my Sasha blog. What a lovely giveaway you are offering and as my babies severely lack clothes - they have to borrow each others items if I want to take photos! I would love to enter please. Thank you.

  3. Serenata you are already entered just by following my blog. Thanks for following me. Here's my facebook page link:
    like my page for an additional chance.