Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hand Stitched Leather Shoes

Here is a close up of Annika's new hand stitched leather shoes. They are in the classic studio style. The pattern is an original Migros pattern that was tweaked a bit to suit my purpose. I hope to have more summer shoes completed in the near future. Also watch for more summer outfits for Gregor. The boys are feeling a bit neglected.

Studio Style Outfit

Here's a full length view of Annika's Studio Style Dress. The lovely white cotton fabric with green floral print was part of the prize package from Ted for the Apron Dress Contest. It's funny how fabric speaks to you. This one was screaming ...Studio Style Dress. I added hemstitch detailing on the sleeve and near the hem.

Annika's new curls

Well...Here it is over a month ago that Annika got her dolly perm. She has waited and waited to get those darn rollers out. I told her not until I got her dress finished and the buttons on her shoes. She is very happy now, albeit a little sassy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Summer Fun!

One more picture of Anna wearing her "Summer Fun" outfit.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

What a Difference a Wig Makes

I'd like to introduce you to Anna. She started out as a Sasha Velvet. Her original dark wig just did not go with her beautiful light blue eyes. I gave her a blonde wig with wispy bangs and she stole my heart. I recently learned that my paternal Great Grandmother's name was Anna. It's the perfect name for this little sweetie.

Summer Swap

I'd just like to share a picture of the Sasha Summer Swap outfit I created. The swap was really fun. It's like Christmas in May. I like to title my outfits, so this one will be "Summer Fun". I was trying to make sandals to go with the outfit, but discovered that I not only made them too tight, but I glued the right strap to the left shoe. What's that saying..."measure twice, cut once". There has to be a similar one for making shoes. "fit twice...glue once".