Monday, May 3, 2010

Shoes for all seasons

Here is a lovely example of a studio style shoe I crafted this past week. It is a very butter soft leather with a suede sole glued on. That way the insole is the ivory leather as well. I hand stitch my shoes for an endearing look. I tried to sew them on a machine but that just did not give the look I desired. Hand stitching is almost therapeutic. It also keeps my hands out of the bag of Doritos. These lovely shoes will be on to their new owner this week.

The busy cobbler

The cobbler has been busy here at the studio. I was challenged to create an Asian style slipper influenced by the wonderful Sasha Puppen book. I crafted the hand sewn slipper from a very soft leather. The wedge heel was created from a cork material. It was sealed with a clear polish. The heel was then glued to the sole with a high quality glue made especially for cork. I really like the way they turned out. They will be on to their new owner this week.