Friday, December 9, 2011

Something Sweet

Because....sometimes we all need a helping hand.

Pretty in Pink

Lately I've been drawn to pretty pink colors and cozy flannel fabrics. This outfit is they best of both worlds merging  bright bubblegum pink pants with a cozy flannel dress. A cream colored knit shirt keeps baby's arms warm. Her sweet little knit hat and baby shoes complete the look.

Sasha Christmas swap

Here are a couple of pictures of the shoes I made for the Christmas Swap. They are leather with top-stitched detail. I made them a little roomy so socks can be worn with them. I like the way they turned out and hope the recipient will like them too.

Sasha Christmas Swap

Here is a picture of the Beautiful outfit and toy made by Sonya. It came all the way from Australia. I think it is quite perfect for my toddler Elke. Thank You Sonya! Now I just need to make her some winter shoes.

Sasha Re-root Mid 70's Red Head

There is something I love about a doll with red hair. Maybe because they are so rare in my collection. This doll had bangs that were a mess. I re-rooted her bangs about 2 months ago. The hair is a pretty close match and I'm happy with the results. Now all she needs is a name.

Autumn Swap 2011 continued

Here are a few pictures of the items I received from Jackie.  I originally was planning on using the adorable gray vest and socks for Gregor, but I remembered these really cute Boneka boots that would look so cute with a skirt on Sasha. I finally finished that pink plaid wool flannel skirt. The outfit is being modeled on my re-rooted mid-1970's Sasha. In the wood high chair (an antique store find) is baby Mickey modeling a very sweet smocked baby gown. Thank You Jackie for all the goodies!