Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sasha Autumn/Halloween Swap

Here's something a bit different than the norm. My Sasha 'Abby' is modeling a recent creation from Macon Street Studio. I was inspired to create a Gothic look for Sasha. I wanted to keep the sweet yet trendy style that I usually convey in my outfits, but didn't want to get to dark. My thought was what would a 10 yr old girl wear if she were to dress Goth? I love all the possibilities and have a stack of ideas to keep me busy for quite some time. I will be posting my sample boards in the future, but have not yet photographed them.


  1. One more comment (just couldn't resist)...loving this outfit as well. As usual the fit and scale of the garments are just perfect. The length of the jumper is just right.

  2. Thanks Julie...I had a lot of fun creating this pattern. I hope to have some time this winter to work on more gothic inspired outfits. So many ideas, so little time.